Sunday, April 26, 2015

Family Session Carmel, Indiana: Cox Hall Gradens : Samantha, Jonathon, and Wes

Last time I saw Samantha and Jonathon, they were just months away from meeting their first born son, Wes. And here we are now, a year and a few months later and this family is more beautiful than ever before. Children tend to do that to couples---make them shine. It radiates around them, and there is no hiding the evident love between them. Working with a 1 year old is probably one of the hardest ages, because they simply can't grasp [nor have the attention span or desire] what is going on around them. That and bribery doesn't work just yet. Yet. But I have to say that he did wonderful, and was a trooper even in the slightly chilly morning temperatures {even though you would never guess based on the pictures!}. I also found a new location that I am dying to go back to shoot at again. And as always, some of my favorite shots to date are in this session. Don't I say that every time? Because it's true! Thank you Rugenstein family for letting me hang out with you on this beautiful Sunday morning.

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