Sunday, April 26, 2015

Family Session Carmel, Indiana: Cox Hall Gradens : Samantha, Jonathon, and Wes

Last time I saw Samantha and Jonathon, they were just months away from meeting their first born son, Wes. And here we are now, a year and a few months later and this family is more beautiful than ever before. Children tend to do that to couples---make them shine. It radiates around them, and there is no hiding the evident love between them. Working with a 1 year old is probably one of the hardest ages, because they simply can't grasp [nor have the attention span or desire] what is going on around them. That and bribery doesn't work just yet. Yet. But I have to say that he did wonderful, and was a trooper even in the slightly chilly morning temperatures {even though you would never guess based on the pictures!}. I also found a new location that I am dying to go back to shoot at again. And as always, some of my favorite shots to date are in this session. Don't I say that every time? Because it's true! Thank you Rugenstein family for letting me hang out with you on this beautiful Sunday morning.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Senior Graduation Photography; Indianapolis; Downtown

Sara's sister, Andra {who I photographed in the Fall}, booked a session with me for her as a graduation gift for Christmas. Today, I got to spend an hour downtown with this girl, and fell in love with her sweet personality! So down to Earth, and fun to work with. I kept telling my husband before I came out to the shoot how excited I was to actually be doing a session with just one person. I know that may sound strange, but I don't get to have this opportunity often, and it's hard enough to get two people to keep their eyes open, look at the camera, or be on the same page. Yet alone, a whole family of 5 or 6 which include toddlers that just want to play {can you blame them?!}. So I went into this session relaxed and with expectations high. To capture this pretty lady and celebrate this wonderful milestone in her life!

Congrats Sara. Thank you again for allowing me to join you this afternoon!